Dragon Lady

Eva Tiamat Medusa, din Bruni, Texas, a cheluit o avere pe proceduri medicale pentru a-și împlini visul din copilărie: să arate precum un dragon.

Femeia de 56 de ani susține că este “cea mai modificată persoană transsexuală din lume”. Eva s-a născut băiat și a devenit femeie după o operație de schimbare de sex, potrivit thesun.co.uk.

Eva a fost vicepreședintele unei bănci din SUA acum câțiva ani, dar a renunțat la tot pentru a-și împlini visul. După ce a fost diagnosticată cu HIV, ea hotărât să nu moară ca om și să facă ce își dorea când era copil: să se transforme într-un dragon.

Astfel femeia a început să se transforme, făcându-și până în prezent operații care au costat 60.000 de dolari: și-a shimbat nasul, urechile i-au fost îndepărtate, iar albul ochilor a fost colorat verde, și-a pus opt coarne pe frunte, și-a bifurcat limba și și-a tatuat toată fața.

Eva Tiamat Medusa, înainte de transformare (foto captură Youtube)
Eva Tiamat Medusa, înainte de transformare (foto captură Youtube)

I had a very busy day getting packages ready to go to the mail and I ended up taking them to the mailbox and got there right before it closed so perfect timing and it was a very busy day but very productive and I’m very happy. I deleted my prior post that I made about an incident today because it wasn’t all that bad the day wasn’t all that bad that situation was bad and it did they hit a nerve with me but I met people throughout the day at Walgreens and then at the at the post office and people were so kind and so interested in my story and this lady brought two of her grandchildren to come up and see me and a little boy looked at me and he exclaimed, „WOW YOU’RE A DRAGON!”. The lady said she was fascinated so she wanted her grandkids to see me. Further made my day when the attendant that was waiting on me at the post office Mike, he asked me if I was not just a transgender but also trans-species reptilian? I was floored and it also made my day that he would say that or ask that question. More and more people out in public see me as a reptilian and I love it and I love talking to people everywhere about being a trans-species. People are fascinated when I tell them my story. It that happens a lot out in public, most are not afraid of me and people bring their children up to see me. It’s all those good moments and all those good people and all the good Juju and all the love that I get from random strangers everywhere that make having to deal with assholes worth the while. #tiamatdragonlady #tiamat #ModSquad #modify #metamorphosis #modifyii #bodymodification #transspecies #transgender #m2f

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Acum Eva care nu se mai identifică ca fiiță umană, ci ca reptilă, este cunoscută sub numele de Dragon Lady.

”Pentru mine, transformarea mea este cea mai mare călătorie a vieții mele. Există motive profunde și sensuri profunde despre transformarea mea și de ce o fac. Nu am vrut să mor în această lume arătând ca un om. Am decis că a venit vremea unei schimbări în viața mea, așa că am vrut să arăt ca ceva care nu era uman”, a povestit ea.

Yesterday, I had my psychiatric appointment it was the first for 2018 and it went really well. My doctor didn’t seem to surprise when I mention to her that I see things that most people don’t see and that I feel like I live in I live in a double reality. My anxiety has that been going through the roof and my depression has been getting the best of me too so we upped my medication both my Seroquel and my Pristiq so hopefully in the change will help me as I go forward. Another note, I have until the 16th which is the end of next week to finish going to go in through my post-op healing or recovery time so I will be getting back to my normal duties a little bit at a time, but, until then it’s continued bed rest cuddled up with the puppies and getting up and doing a little bit of work on my computer when I can when I have the energy to do it. Sending everybody my love from Oblivion.

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Dragon Lady a mărturisit că dorința ei cea mai mare este să-și continue modificarea corpului ei până când metamorfoza ei este completă.